Feline Diabetes Remission


      This is my beloved Peter. He is 21 years old, and was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes 16 years ago. His diabetes is now in partial remission.

      I've also had the pleasure of working with Willy Anderson. He went into full remission following the 'Tight Regulation' guidelines. He remains in remission today. Please read his story.

      Welcome. I hope Peter's website gives every feline diabetic caregiver hope that remission may be possible. There is so much more you can do to help your cat than simply treating this disease. Your cat, and you, may have a second chance at living a normal life free from Feline Diabetes.

      Upon initial diagnosis, Veterinarians told me that cats with diabetes were hard to manage. I was told that regulation to any degree was extremely difficult, and that the kindest alternative was to euthanize before things got worse. I'm glad I didn't follow their advice.

      In 2009, I discovered and tried the "Tight Regulation Protocol" pioneered by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, D.V.M. She is the leading authority with regard to treating Feline Diabetes. She's studied this disease for over a decade, and worked diligently to finally find the answers for remission and prevention. Full remission was actually something I didn't even hope for. My goal simply, was to do even more to keep Peter comfortable. My cat has a solid 16 year documented history with this disease. Clinically in a cat this old, with such a long diagnosis history, any resumption of pancreatic function shouldn't EVEN exist!

      Peter's life has not been the same since March of 2009. I began home testing again, and within days of starting the "Tight Regulation Protocol" the body of this distinguished gallant old fighter began responding. His glucose numbers did indeed drop over 100 points immediately with the diet change to low carbohydrate wet food. By April of 2009, his blood glucose values routinely tested within normal levels 14-17 hours after a dose of insulin was injected. His zest for life and vitality improved. He started needing less insulin because his testing numbers called for less insulin. He continues to routinely test within normal glucose levels many hours after a dose of insulin. Every month has brought delightful changes. He is able to last longer and longer without needing injected insulin. His record as of September 10, 2009, is 93 hours without a single dose of insulin! I don't expect his pancreas to work perfectly for the remainder of his life. He's had diabetes for too long. But, the fact that he is able to maintain normal blood glucose values for nearly 4 straight days without any injected insulin is more of a gift than I could have ever hoped for. His pancreas is doing its job again. His testing numbers prove it!

      I fully welcome your questions. If you'd like more information, or have questions about this disease please contact me. I work as a Veterinary Technician. I have extensive practical experience with Feline Diabetes, and with the 'Tight Regulation Protocol'. There is a lot to learn about this disease that you may not be aware of. Your cat's body will be experiencing changes that you need to know about. According to Dr. Hodgkins, the 'Protocol', when managed correctly, does allow 80% of diabetic cats to cease their dependence on injected insulin and become well again. How encouraging it is to think that your cat could be one of those success stories! I'm sharing a story of immense hope for every diabetic cat out there. I have dutifully cared for my beautiful cat, and had Feline Diabetes affect every aspect of my life. I've put in the years of effort, the worry, the sleepless nights, and thousands of dollars for Peter's care. I've cut short every event to make sure he had his insulin. I've declined the opportunity to go on vacations, cancelled vacations at the last minute, and driven home 4 hours each day from camping trips to care for Peter. I don't wish this disease on any cat, or their caregivers. It's a long hard road for everyone to endure.

      Family members, and those closest to me have seen the progress and changes that have occurred with Peter before, and after starting this protocol. They have encouraged me to create this website. They've stepped up to help me create it. It's a labor of love from those who want to tell his story, and who are just as amazed as I am. Peter and I offer them my profound love, gratitude, and thanks.

      I wish you the very best with your diabetic cat. Peter deserves to be remembered because it's NEVER too late to attempt this protocol, and try to make a difference in helping your cat become well. It certainly is never too late to help your cat feel a lot better than he/she may feel right now. Feline Diabetes is very hard on many of the organs in the body. The sooner you strive for wellness, the more you may minimize potential long-term damage. If my old feline companion can make this type of remarkable progress after having this disease for so long, think of the possibilities for your own cat! I hope Pete's story helps every diabetic caregiver. Investigate "Tight Regulation" for yourself at "yourdiabeticcat.com." It will be one of the best moves you ever make for the health of your cat.

      The information on Tight Regulation has been out there for years. I wish I would have learned of it sooner. The assault and damage to Peter's pancreas went on years longer than it ever needed to. Based on his remarkable progress thus far, I believe my sweet old boy might be living in complete remission from this disease had I only known there were other options. I care about helping every diabetic cat that I can.

      A detoxification process must take place BEFORE attempting Tight Regulation with your cat. It is outlined in my Tight Regulation Protocol page. Please make sure you read this information before ever attempting tight regulation. Your cat's life depends on it!

      I'm not a Veterinarian. The views and opinions expressed are based on my own personal beliefs and the experiences I've witnessed. Please consult with your Veterinarian regarding any health issue with your pet(s).



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I saw the difference tight regulation made in Casper's life. It's dangerous to inject insulin without testing glucose first. Thank you Linda, for helping Casper at much as you did, and loving her like one of your own cats.

Susan S.

Willy would still have diabetes if you haven't worked so hard to bring him into remission. We can't thank you enough!

The Anderson's

Linda is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to Feline Diabetes. Her passion is helping cats become well again. Thank you for caring so much.

Susan U.

When I travel, Anchor and Snowflake are left in the excellent care of "Grandma Linda". They are loved beyond words, and I'm able to leave without a worry in the world.

Anjelica N.